Editor’s Note


Regardless of how many literary journals exist, regardless of how many editors pore on long queues of manuscripts, too few people get to experience—to put a hand in—the utter folly of building something like the swaying minaret of words you climbed here. I get to, thanks to the deep foundation of Noble / Gas Qtrly’s staff and our contributors’ spiring marriage of ability and discipline.

It grounds me—electrically.

Georgia Bellas, Jacquelyn Bengfort, Adriana Cloud, Tasha Coryell, Justin Lawrence Daugherty, Dominic Gualco, Joel Hans, Kyle Hemmings, Anna Meister, Emily O’Neill, Daniel W. Thompson, Stuart Thursby, Kyle Valenta, and Sonya Vatomsky: thank you.

Lindsay Branca, Christi Craig, Emma Fissenden, Joseph Spece, Emilee Wirshing, John Boucher, Sara Iacovelli, Will Kaufman, and Graham Oliver: thank you.

To those reading—and I thank you, as well—the roll call above is wholly responsible for your enjoyment, your astonishment. Direct all kudos appropriately.

A. S.